“Jillie’s presentation was…dazzling.  Mind blowing.  I loved it.  The whole feeling you took away from this presentation, the aura you slowly accept, is just supremely everlasting.  For the text ten minutes, you are struck with this glorious prospect that’s just been shined up to you, that you matter, and the world needs YOU. A naturally quietish, stiffish, tightly bound person, I was really opened up and felt awed, empowered, and …incredible. “

She opened my mind that even little things can change the world!  Her hard work is slowly changing women!”

“I knew that you should love yourself, but she showed that your self-love is as powerful as other people’s love.  She showed me how to love myself more – which is sometimes hard due to the fact that you’re your worst critic.  She opened my mind to all the people who live without self-love.  How they look for outside love by changing themselves to get it.  How they should be looking inside for that love rather than out. “

Testimonials & Impact