Self-love exercises

You are enough. However you are, right in this moment, is everything you could ever imagine you’d want. You have to tap into your potential and that mindset for a moment to see yourself through another person’s eyes, until you can see for yourself.

When is the last time you put yourself first? If you don’t fill up your cup, who will?

This process is ever evolving and you must constantly work for self-acceptance. Here are some exercises to help begin you on your journey. Use what resonates with you:

  • Each morning while you are getting dressed, tell yourself 3 things you love about yourself. It can be physical or about your personality, hobbies, accomplishments you’ve done, or your interests. Start asking others what are three things they love about you. Sometimes we don’t know what others love about us and it gives us the opportunity to see something new in ourselves.
  • Before you go to bed, write down the three best things of your day or tell them to a friend.
  • Have a gratitude journal. Every day right down everything you are grateful for. Even on the worst days, you will see how much you have to be grateful for and it can help alter your point of view. Once you realize all the wonderful things you are attracting into your life, you will realize you have been doing something right.
  • Write down all the things you love about yourself and then all the things you want to change. If they are things you can change, then start working on them. Every time you are successful, reward yourself with a compliment.
  • Every time you say something negative, say two positive things about yourself.
  • Do something for yourself every day, something that makes you happy and feel alive.
  • Write a love letter to yourself that you wish someone else would write to you.

This isn’t easy, but know, you are worth it. Try out these exercises for a little while and it might help make the beginning of the process easier. You deserve this. It’s time to do this for you. Thank yourself for starting this process, this is a huge step.

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