Strength & Being Outrageously Open.

I took a jump. I took a big jump. A jump where my feet never left the floor and my heart soared. I took a jump and decided to build my wings on the way down.

Actually, I took a jump to see my wings were already there. They were coiled up, wrinkled, unused, and shaky, and they were still there. They needed a chance to spread out, show their beauty, and show that even though they were shaky, they were strong. Strength doesn’t mean never falling or failing, strength means that we allow ourselves to fall and fail. We allow our muscles to tear and our hearts to break so that they can rebuild stronger than before. Strength is feeling. Period. Feeling the sadness, grief, hope, joy, sorrow, doubt, anxiety, and love and choosing to feel all of these things plus everything in between.

Strength is being open to what life brings and then seeing where it takes you.

Living is being strong. Strong is being open. Open is living in truth, hope, and trust. Strength is exhilarating, scary,  and vulnerable. Strength allows us to experience life and being alive to its fullest.

In the past few months, I felt my strength blossoming and my wings growing. I’ve also doubted that my wings could carry me where I want them to, and other times, I questioned if my wings were even there. That’s what living. It’s diving into the unknown even when you have doubts and uncertainty. We all have doubts and question if we are capable. We go on because we have to and then we learn what we are made of. I have spoken to many parents who go into parenthood without a clue of what to do. They raise beautiful, successful, compassionate children. They question themselves everyday, but still have to show up regardless. They wear their wings regardless of how mangled they feel at times.

We can show up for others, especially dependents, friends, family…so, let me ask you this? When’s the last time you showed up for yourself? Where you questioned your strength and ability and did it anyway? This is not a rhetorical question. I want you to speak it and share it. We have done so many things regardless of the fear and doubt we have. LOOK AT THAT STRENGTH! Now, take that, do it again, and show yourself what you’re capable of. Other people can tell you about your strength, but until you see it for yourself, you’ll never believe them.

Jump rope


One thought on “Strength & Being Outrageously Open.

  1. Lisa says:

    Yes! So happy to read your words again. Keep them flowing. I continue to train for that 1/2 IM race despite me thinking I’m not strong enough.

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