#selfloveselfiesunday 3 Lessons of Archery to Help You Succeed in Life.

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, I went to the archery range for the first time. And, let me tell you, I wasn’t bad. I wasn’t good. But, I wasn’t bad.

My hands were shaking a little and even when I had laser focus on the target, my arrow never came closer than three feet away. Each shot, I had to adjust and change. I had to learn my bow and the untuned arrows. I was no Katniss Everdeen.

As time went on, I realized the importance of my posture, breath, and focused mind. With my shoulders band and my head high, I shot the with more power. As I held my breath when I released the bow, my accuracy was better. With a mind only focused on the target, I was able to stay consistent and closer to my intended shot.

Enough archery talk, I hope you’re following me as I am about to parallel that to life…

  1. Have Good Posture: With my head held high and my shoulders back, I greet the world. I walk into the world instead of the world walking into me. I have the confidence and understanding of my power. As I show up in the world as my truest, freest self, the world shows up for me. How? In relationships, opportunities, miracles, freedom, joy, laughter, and depth. I could give example after example the differences in my life when I recognize my power, but I’ll save that for a different day (stay tuned!).
  2. Get in tune with your breath: I have become in tune with my body and my breath. While in archery, I held my breath to have a steady shot, in life I realize the importance of my breath. On days and moments of high anxiety, I feel my breath shorten and stay in my chest. I feel the tension as it manifests in tight muscles, headaches, faster heart rate, and high anxiety. These symptoms are clues to breathe deeper and step back. Being in tune with my breath has allowed me access to my strength and stress reduction. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us. They are telling us what we need to know, so we need to get quiet and listen.
  3. Have laser focus: Sometimes we have a bullseye to focus on. Other times we have a general area we are aiming for. Either way, our best bet is to keep our eye on the target, tune out the distractions around us, and focus solely on what we are shooting for. There will ALWAYS be distractions. I know the word “always” can be controversial and I am using it with confidence here. Laundry never goes away, dishes never disappear, other people won’t stop calling to talk or need your help, work will need/want/ask for more, bills will continue to come, the sun will rise and set, and time does not stop. There will come a time where that bullseye is important enough to make time for. You will feel this longing, craving, hoping, and burning for that target, whatever it is. The good and bad news, is it’s up to YOU. No one else can do it for you and it will never go away.

I am writing this from experience. I know. I know what it’s like to want something or to long for something more. I know what it’s like to have a bullseye, put up my metaphoric bow several times, only to take it down because someone else needed me. Or, because that voice inside my head told me I couldn’t. Or, because time, money, and energy ran out. Or, because I would wait for the “right” time. Spoiler alert: there will NEVER be a right time.

And, now, I have learned that my desire and burning and calling for that bullseye never goes away. I realized that my personal bullseye gets brighter and more enticing because it’s what I truly want. And with this realization, I am learning how to get laser focused and tune out the distractions. It isn’t easy, not one bit. And, it’s worth every second of it. Everyday, I’m getting closer to my bullseye and everyday I’m learning more about myself.

I love my ability to focus and commit. I love my passion and desire to help others find their joy, love, and passion. And, I love the fact that I tried archery.

If you are sitting here, reading this and know what your bullseye is but are too afraid, scared, nervous, or don’t know how to get it, reach out. That’s what I do and that’s why I’m here. I have done it myself and I’ve, most likely, been in your shoes. Sometimes we need someone to be in our corner and help us see the power in ourselves.

What do you love about you?


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