#selfloveselfiesunday Making room for an angel.

Happy Monday! Yesterday, I had my friend Amanda’s memorial and needed a day to be present and grieve. I thought it would be okay if I celebrated my #selfloveselfiesunday on this snowy Monday in Minneapolis.

Yesterday was both heartbreaking and heart filling. People from all over flew in. Amanda only had the highest caliber of people in her life and the opportunity to meet some of them, filled me up.

As we left last night, the snow fell in big flakes. The silence that is only brought by snow lingered. I dropped down and made a snow angel. I created the space for another angel in my life and gave her a beautiful space to lay.

Each day, I’m open to little miracles and everyday, I see them. Between getting little happiness presents, having amazing interactions, getting on an earlier flight when it should be impossible, finding strength on days when I don’t have it, and amazing opportunities popping up out of nowhere, I feel my angel here.

This week, I also booked an incredible speaking gig with a Fortune 500 company for their Vice Presidents and Directors. Heck yeah! What do you say when something excites you and scares you to death? You say…YES!

I love how I see miracles in my everyday. I love how I say yes to things that scare me. I love that I see my worth and value, now more than ever. I love the life I’ve created. I am so in love with life itself.

What do you love about you? What do you love about your life? And, if there aren’t a few things that pop up in your mind right away, what are you waiting for? Reach out.


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