#selfloveselfiesunday “You are tough.”

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#selfloveselfiesunday! Happy Sunday! I’ve said this many times before, life is full of ups and down and peaks and valleys. For about a year and a half, I was in a deep valley. I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and there were many days I didn’t know how and if I would make it out.

I’m out.  I’m so happy I want to shout it from the mountain tops. (I also realize, I only know this comfort and joy because I know despair and sorrow.)

Everyday, no matter my mental state, I can ALWAYS find three things that I am grateful for. I do this every night before bed and it helps put my day in perspective. It never seems as bad as I thought it did when it was happening.

Recently, I have been in such awe and wonder of the life I have created and the one I GET to live everyday. I’ve changed. I changed how I live my life. I incorporate joy, play, and gratitude everyday. Through these practices and self-love, my life has changed. I have changed. Of course there are ups and down both in days and hours, but I sit here writing this in complete gratitude.

I went hiking with a friend yesterday and we talked about life, our stories, and what has helped shape us into who we are today. He looked at me and said, “Jillie, you are tough. You are really tough.”

It made me stop. I have called myself many things and I guess I always knew I was tough. Other people have said it to me before, and it never stuck. This time it did. And I feel it, I feel it to the depth of my soul. I am tough, but not hard. I am tough, but not guarded. I am tough and authentically me in every way. I’ve done a lot of work to get here and I will continue to do the work to stay. And this idea of tough kept me thinking.

Last night, I went to an empowerment event. As I released some things that have held me back recently, tears began to stream down my face. A woman wrapped a blanket around me and said, “Let this be your blanket of self-love and hold yourself in love.” My heart expanded. My soul felt like it was let free. Free of hurt, anger, frustration, and guilt. And with every tear, I reflected on my toughness…or should I say, RESILIENCE. And, I write to you today to say this:

We have it in us. All of us do. Every mishap, doubt, hard time, challenge, and learning experience we go through is bringing us closer to our truth, to our center. There is nothing in me that makes me different from the person sitting here and reading this…you. You are resilient. You are capable. You are strong. You are worthy. If you want more, you are worthy of it. If your heart is craving more, you are worthy of it. Listen to yourself and your intuition. Develop that trust in yourself. You will make it through.


“My life is my canvas. I create it from moment to moment. I can re-create it at anytime.”

I love my resilience. I love my toughness. I love my ability to wrap myself in love and put myself first. I love that I have created this life and I have the honor of living it.

What do you love about you?


A random note I got after popping a balloon with it inside. This was how my Tuesday started:)

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