#selfloveselfiesunday Spice Girl yoga and the best week ever.


#selfloveselfiesunday Happy Sunday!

This morning I went to Spice Girl yoga. It is exactly like it sounds, you do yoga to Spice Girl songs. I don’t know if there was a better combination ever made. And, I learned that 20 years later, I still know every lyric to every song.

Normally in yoga, it is my serious reflective time. It is my time to tune out the world and tap into myself. Today was nothing like that…and the best yoga class I’ve ever been to. I danced for an hour straight, I sang to the people around me, and when everyone went into child’s pose, I stood up, waved my hands in the air and DANCED. I was in my joy and by the end of class, the only things sore were my cheeks from smiling so much.

This was both the end of one of the most exciting weeks I’ve had, and the start to the possibility of another one. I launched my True You! program and am excited about the movers and shakers I will get to work with. And, the opportunities and possibilities are showing up.

I keep reflecting and asking myself, “why?” And here is my answer:

I am showing up for myself. I am treating myself with the same kindness, compassion, and love as I treat others. I am saying no to others so I can say yes to myself. I am letting myself feel and be where I am and so much healing has come through that. I am taking risks on myself and in my life and seeing what comes from them. And through this, I have found a deeper love for myself than I have ever felt. I am so grateful.

So, today, I love how I show up for myself and in my life. I love how I am taking care of myself so I can take care of others. And, I love the awareness I have to be able to make the changes I need to to continue living the life I do.

What do you love about you?

Want to learn more about the True You! Program? Check it out here and email me to set up a phone consult and see if this is for you!

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