The True You! (1)

Reflection of my growth is alway sparked around this time of year. I focus on the goodness I want to bring in next and the not-so-goodness I am kicking to the curb. I like to look at my language and thought patterns to see what is helping me and limiting me. Then, I make the changes I want to see. I am very adamant about letting go of the idea of a “new” me or a “better” me. I don’t need to be fixed or saved. I don’t need to become “better” to be worthy of the life I want. I am constantly learning and growing and I want to be the truest version of me. THAT feels good.

What does that mean?

I ask for what I want and need without guilt. I value myself and honor myself with boundaries and saying “no” when I want to, and “yes” when I want to. I communicate assertively and show appreciation. I eat healthy because it feels good for my body and I like how I feel when I put good things in. I exercise and am fit because I feel better, because I deserve to feel good, and because it is a form of self-care. I meditate and practice mindfulness because I like when I feel centered. I try new things I’ve never tried before. I take baths, light candles, and diffuse essential oils. I make my bed and hang fairy lights. I laugh, dance, play, and spend time with those who build me up. And, I know how to build myself up. I take risks and put myself out there because I am worthy of that time and effort. I celebrate myself and talk lovingly to myself I choose who I want to spend time with and put energy into those relationships. I volunteer. And, more than anything, I put time and effort into my one and only (ME!) because I love when my cup is filled up. I love how I show up in the world and want to help you feel that same way.

This is what it means to be the TRUEST version of me.

This isn’t about creating a new you, a better you, or a “new and improved version of you.” This is about finding your truth. Your truth is joy, vitality, health, strength, power, play, creativity, and owning the life you have while creating the life you want. This True You is about pushing past fear and discomfort and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Comfort zones are beautiful places, but nothing ever grows there, am I right?

This three month long program combines a fitness program, nutrition coaching, and empowerment coaching to jump start your 2018. Heck, this can happen any time of year, but we all feel a little more inspired around the new year. I know I do. So, I will be doing this with you. This program is intensive with 5 workouts a week, a commitment to eating healthy, and standing for yourself and your goals. And, it is customizable for your life! This is about creating the life you know you are worth. You are SO valuable and bring gifts to the world, it’s time to let them shine. So, how do you want to feel? Who are you truly? Let’s bring that amazing human out and show them to the world.

What do you say? I say, I’m in.

Email me at to set up a 15 minutes phone consultation to see if this is the right program for you!

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