Dear Me

Dear Jillie,

You are wonderful and beautiful and exquisite. You are full of adventure and wonder and faith and hope. You make this world a better place and I am in awe of you.

I love looking into the fierceness of your eyes, seeing the strength but gentleness and compassion that resides within you. You are free.

We all have doubts, fears, uncertainty. But, what I love about you is even though you have those, you let your passion and mission overcome them. You live with authenticity. You live love. You are love.

I want you to know you can do anything you put your mind too. You have chosen an unconventional life that is filled with adventure and miracles. It is scary. It may not be what society has pegged as normal, but it fills your heart and soul with fulfillment and nourishment. Keep going no matter what. Let your heart and soul sing your truth. Speak your truth.

You are working on nourishing yourself and practicing self-care. These are boundaries that need to be set with others and need to be set with yourself. Always know, you are deserving of love. You are deserving of peace and compassion. You are deserving of what lights your soul on fire. Know that within your heart.

Life may not be easy. But it is within these moments where your wings will become strong enough to fly. And you are flying. You have overcome obstacles and challenges many people would choose to surrender to. Know your strength and power. You are powerful. Hold onto that, it is yours and yours alone.

You live a life of love and have an abundance amount of love in your life. You share it with others, and please share it with yourself. What you give to the world, comes back to you. Love is your true essence and it radiates out of you. Be the light in the world. For your light is bright and beautiful and allows others to see their own light too.

You have many gifts. Use them to your fullest ability. Act. Be in the court. And, as always, you will learn and celebrate the successes in each situation.

I think you are so beautiful, inside and out. I am thankful you have taken this time for yourself to write this to you. We have needed it. I am here for you as you fall, as you brush yourself off, and as you start over again. No matter how low, or how high, you may get in life, we are in this together. You are whole and complete, you do not need saving or fixing. For you are perfectly imperfect and I am proud of the person you have become.

I love you. I see you.


One thought on “Dear Me

  1. Jazel says:

    Congratulations on your achievements and adventures in life.
    With the good and the bad I have come to learn life is what it is and I too have overcome my sour moments and viewing them as “life happens” and not something bad happening. Seeing this moments this way makes me look at the brighter side. I realized it because if life were perfect there would be no meaningful occasions/opportunities for me to become better, challenged and empowered. It has been fate and a pleasure meeting you and learning from your advice has motivated and reminded me to love myself. Sometimes as a aren’t this is something I forget. I look forward to continue to learn and gain the positivity you transmit. Congratulations again and may you continue to inspire many more.

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