A Love Letter…

When I started this project, my goal was (and is) to publish a book full of self-love letters. As I do workshops and meet people from around the world, I collect copies of self-love letters for this book. My goal is to use the proceeds to support women empowerment organizations, send girls to school, and take this message worldwide. However, until now, I have not had a date in mind for my timeline goal. I have just let it be and seen where it has taken me. Well, I have traveled to the southern hemisphere where I am writing this post, have held more than 25 workshops, and have had the honor to meet people from all walks of life. It has taken me through extraordinary places, to meet extraordinary people, and on an extraordinary adventure. None that compare to the journey I have gone one within myself.

So, I am writing to announce, my goal is to publish the book by July 2016. I am asking people from all over the world to join me with this goal because I cannot do it alone, nor do I want to. To offer some inspiration, here is a love letter from one of the most inspiring and beautiful young women I have met in my travels.

“Hallo my little cute adventurous bunch of stardust! I am amazed by how you bring your energy in the world every day, trying your best, getting inspiration, spreading it and giving love! There is so much beauty within you! Even when there is a bad time coming for you you are going for the hard way, not letting anyone bring you down or destroy your dream of freedom! I love the way you take every challenge and win it because you are so crazy incredibly stubborn that you have to finish everything you start and care about! And I really am stunned by the way you sometimes talk to people and bring them to open a different kind of view for you or when you find beautiful words to make them see the world with different ways. Other than that I don’t believe there is anyone in this world who has as much hopes and dreams and such a pure heart as you, believing in changing the world and in being good and patient and loving and caring and being an example as the first step to reach that goal! There is just so much light, beauty and love within you! You are one deep, caring, perfect, creative, fighting, inspiring, positive, sporty, beautiful, honest, brave soul! Keep your heart strong! And keep that awesome smile!

With love.”

Want your love letter posted? Email me at loveletterstoyourself@gmail.com and let your letter be the reason someone starts on their own journey of self-love today:)

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