Hugging the World

Hugging the World

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the Inca Trail trek. We finished the hardest part of the trek and we had the most amazing view as we were coming down.
We had a beautiful day and we could see Machu Picchu mountain from this point. We could see our destination.
As I stood there and looked out at the scenery around me, I was in awe and amazement at the beauty that is in the world. The beauty that has been created naturally without any man made machinery. As this thought occurred to me, I was reminded that everything I see is a reflection of what I have inside of myself. The mountains, the valleys, the glaciers, the clouds, the trees, the animals, and all of the beauty is showing me what is inside of me. I have the same natural beauty within me. And you have it within you too.
We often look around us at the wonderment and beauty of those people around us and also the nature around us. Often we forget, we are made of the same things and have the same potential within us.
The day before this picture was taken, we hiked up a pass called, “Dead woman’s Pass.” It was the hardest day and when we got to the top we were supposed to be able to see for miles and miles. However, when we got up there, clouds came in and we could barely see five feet in front of us. As I was walking and starting to feel bummed out about how I couldn’t see. I asked for guidance. And what I received was this, “This is an opportunity to see the beauty within you. During this hike, you have been looking outside of yourself and admiring everything outside of you. Now, during a time where you are supposed to see the greatest beauty outside of you, you are given an opportunity to see the greatest beauty within you.” This was one of the greatest gifts of the hike.
So, I am here to share this message with you. Take time to look at the beauty within you. If your eye sight is too impaired by your own interior clouds to see it, then look at the amazing beauty around you and know you are made of the same stuff!!!
So, get out there and give the world a hug! And as you do that, give yourself one too. Because just as the world is full of miracles, so are you.
Mucho amor,

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  1. Lori D says:

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    In the midst of the storm I’m dealing with (see my last blog post), I got 30 minutes to sit down and read a couple of blogs. This is what I read, and it’s just what I needed. I thought I’d share it in case anyone else needed it too. Thank you Jillie.

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