Bring on 2014!

Yesterday was the last day of 2013, the last page of this book. The cover closed, you are free to read any book, to go anywhere, to do anything you want. The options and possibilities are endless. I often get caught up in great stories where I am captivated. I get lost in the characters and this alternate reality. The ending comes and I am saddened with this end, but I then am liberated from this captivity and set free to live my life again.

I leave in 2 weeks for Peru and my emotions are everywhere. I am so excited, nervous, scared, and ready to go. In the mean time, I am moving out of the place I am living. I love where I live and it has offered me stability, peace, and safety over the past six months, something that had been missing in my life. The woman I live with has become a close friend, mentor, and confidant. She is a wise woman with so much love and nourishment to give to the world. This morning I told her I was sad I was leaving. She replied,

Don’t be sad. Be happy that we had these moments. It is just a little death. A little death that is necessary for the next step. We all have little deaths in our lives and this is just another one.

How profound and appropriate for the day. In these deaths, opportunity and possibility are created. With the death of this last year, a birth is now happening. This birth can provide you with anything you dream. However, it is your book to write and your dream to make happen.

The last page of this book was yesterday. The captivation of 2013 has let you go and you are liberated to take on your life and your 2014 goals. The space is empty, ready to be filled with whatever you choose. So, make sure you choose wisely. Choose those things in your life that serve you for the better. Choose those things that are pushing you in the direction of your ambitions. Choose the relationships that support you, that make you feel good and healthy, that make you genuinely happy. Because this space is your life, not anyone else’s.

I want to share some of my 2014 goals with you, I hope they inspire you to take on your deepest dreams, as well.

  1. Go to Peru, become fluent in Spanish, and help the women set up a sustainable program to achieve their vision for their community
  2. Write 5 Chapters of my book
  3. Establish my own business and be self-sustaining
  4. Speak at 3 different schools in the area about self-love and setting goals
  5. Move in with Jason and continue to grow our relationship together
  6. Eat 80% vegan, and do 2 vegan cleanses throughout the year
  7. Have a weekend workshop for women
  8. Attend advanced Landmark and self-expression and leadership course
  9. Pay 20% of my student loans off
  10. Strengthen my immune system and stay healthy for all of 2014!

These goals excite me, they scare me, they challenge me, and they make me believe in myself and my potential. With a new start, I have everything I need inside of me. I am capable of all of this and can make this all happen. This year I embrace my worth and value, I create a good, healthy relationship with money, I love myself, and I  help others in every way I can. I am doing this because I deserve it. And so do you.

Thank you for all the support and follows over the past year. I write because I am inspired and I love to write. My posts are more sporadic because I let this come from the heart. Thank you for taking it into yours. To our health, our happiness, and our future endeavors we take on. May we always love ourselves and love each other. Happy New Year!!

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