As the holiday season approaches, I have been reminded of practicing gratitude in my every day life. The universe never fails to remind me of the important themes to practice in order to live my life wholeheartedly.

The past week has been a very hard one. I returned from vacation and it was very hard for me to get back into the swing of things. I slumped into a small depressed state at having to be home and this resulted in not being present at work or in my life. By not being present, I made some careless mistakes at work and had to accept the consequences. However, this gave me an amazing opportunity to practice self-love and self-forgiveness. These two things I felt I was very strong at,  but I was shown these are some of my greatest opportunities.

Many times I think I have mastered something and become arrogant in my ways of thinking. I forget to constantly be a student of life, eager to learn and absorb all the lessons that are given to me. I was shown this week that I must always practice what I preach. I was shown my desire for perfection and the impact it has on my life. I cannot be wrong, I cannot make a mistake, and I cannot disappoint others, but really I cannot disappoint myself. I have placed myself on an invincible pedestal where I am not allowed to fall. And when I do, it is almost impossible for me to climb back up the ladder.

So, here I am to tell myself this message and share it with you; I know I am not alone in this.  We are spiritual beings, put here on earth to have a human experience. We are made exactly as we should be, perfect and whole. And although we were made perfect, we do not act perfect. Mistakes are lessons we are given, they are gifts to help guide us on this journey of life. There is no such things as a mistake, it is an opportunity to grow and prosper. So, give yourself a break! Breathe and say, “I forgive you.” You deserve forgiveness just like everyone else. But, it is the hardest forgiveness to give.

Without making mistakes, we cannot grow and reach our greatest potential. We have to disappoint others and move on from it to learn we have to approve of  ourselves. Without this approval of ourselves, no one else’s approval will ever satisfy us fully. If your own love is not enough for you, no one else’s will be either.

Gratitude is the theme of this post and of this week. I am so grateful for the mistakes I have made. I am so grateful for the tears I have cried, the conversations I have had, and the vulnerability I have practiced. I was shown a beautiful part of my journey and beautiful parts of myself that deserve love and attention. I am so grateful for life lessons. It is the hardest lessons that shed the most light. So, here I am declaring that I am human. I am a recovering perfectionist and I am at Day 1. I promise to love myself, show patience and understanding, and never allow myself to climb back up that ladder to the perfectionist pedestal.

Each year at Thanksgiving, I ask those who I share my meal with, what they are grateful for. We go around the table and share them with everyone. So, What are you grateful for? What do you promise yourself? And how are you spreading love and gratitude to those you love?

Happy Thanksgiving my great teachers,


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