Love Yourself

The past few months have been crazy busy. There have been amazing opportunities that have arisen and so many inspirational people that I have met. Each and every day I am reminded of what my purpose and mission is. And that is something I want to continue to share with the world.

Self-love is something that is essential to wholehearted living. Self-love is when you truly and passionately love yourself. You understand that decisions you have made, actions you have taken, or circumstances that have happened to you do not make up who you are. You have a divine light within you that shines brightly into the world and nothing you can do can put out that flame.

Love Letters to Yourself is a project I have started to teach and promote the importance of self-love worldwide. This project is becoming a movement. I hold workshops and seminars to teach women about self-love and how to write love letters to themselves. The symbol of this love letter is the commitment we have to ourselves. It is a visual trigger to remind ourselves why we are loved, why we are important, and why we are worthy of love and success.

Until you love yourself, you cannot truly love anyone else. And until you love yourself, no one’s love with ever be enough. Many people are taken back when I say. However, I want to share this example. Picture walking in the city of Chicago and there is a homeless person on the street asking for money. You left your purse in the car or only have a credit card on you. You have NO change and NO money.  You have nothing to give them. If someone comes over to your house and you just got back from a three week long vacation and have not had time to go grocery shopping, you have no food to feed them. No matter how much you want to feed your friends or give money to the homeless, you have nothing. This is the same with self-love. If we do not have self-love, or love for yourself, you have nothing to give. You cannot share this because the pantry of your heart is empty. No matter how much you want to give and receive love, until you have it within you, it cannot happen.

There is good news! This love is within you, waiting to be ignited and shared! Everything you need is within you. All the love, validation, adoration, and knowledge you long for has been and will always be within you. The question is how to access it. And that is where I come in.

Through my workshops, women are set free and reminded how to love themselves. People are inspired to create the life they have always imagined. I am not an expert. I am a young woman who has been sent on my journey to define what love means to me. Through my journey I found self-love. I have my personal experiences and stories to share with the world and the passion to fill the universe. My goal is to create a support network for women and people on their journey, so they know they are never alone.

Self-love seems like a simple idea, but when we ask ourselves what is self-love and what does it mean? Many people cannot find the words to formulate a definition. When people go searching for the definition, that is where the journey begins.

Self-love is important because it is the birthplace of creativity, success, and authentic relationships. Self-love, for me, is to be authentic with who you are, accept yourself for all of your sides, forgive yourself for decisions you have made, and build yourself up to live life unreasonably and go after your dreams. Until we love ourselves, we will never think we are worthy of success. We will never take risks to accomplish those desires our heart longs for. We will never have a true and deep relationship with another person because we do not have the courage to be vulnerable. Self-love is the foundation to life.

I am here to encourage you to write a love letter to yourself. Find that love you have been longing for within you. Stop looking externally for approval because the approval you have been waiting for is within you.

After writing your love letter, if you feel comfortable, I invite you to send it to me. I am compiling a book full of these love letters, publishing it, and using the profits to support women’s empowerment, send girls to school, and take this message worldwide. Who knows who your letter can help and the journey it may spark?

You are beautiful, strong, capable, worthy, full of potential, and enough. You do not need to conform, change, or sacrifice who you are to be loved. You are perfect.

I would love to hear what you think about this movement. This movement will be taken globally and is something to be shouted from the rooftops. Love yourself, and thereby transform the world.

Peace, Love, and Amity,


Send love letters to:

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