You are Empowered

As we come into this world, we are born as powerful human beings. Beings full of love, strength, and potential. However, as we go through life, we forget our true essence and we begin to question who we are. We begin to lose faith in ourselves, in humanity. These limitations keep us from accomplishing our dreams and living the life we love. 
A couple weeks ago, I went to an amazing weekend long personal growth seminar called, The Landmark Forum. This company is all over the world and yet, I did not hear about it until I started working for lululemon athletica. They are in 20 different countries and cities all over the U.S. Their message is so powerful that if everyone in the world heard it, the world would be transformed. The transformation I felt is something that I cannot explain. But, the message and lesson I got from it can be shared with everyone. That message is to remember you are empowered. Nothing can take that away from us, the only thing standing in our way is ourselves.
Throughout life we are told we are “victim’s of our circumstance,” whether that be of your economic status, where you go to school, how your parents raised you, the love you were shown, or sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse, and the list goes on. Out of these experiences, we create our “stories.” And we identify these “stories” as who we are and why we are the way we are. We don’t put ourselves out there because we have been hurt, we don’t take risks because we were told we would fail, we don’t dream because we were told we wouldn’t amount to anything. These “stories” have limited us since we have started believing them and the moment we start believing the, we assume the role of victim. However, you can’t be powerful and be a victim. You either are powerful, or you are a victim.
When I was 15, I was sexually abused. I believed this story empowered me. I thought that because of this story, I could talk to women who have been abused, used, and through it all. I believed I needed this story to validate me and prove that I know what I am talking about when I hold seminars and workshops for women. I thought I needed this to start my women’s empowerment project, Love Letters to Yourself. But, what I realized last weekend is, I have played victim. I had thought I had forgiven him and moved on. But because I used this story from my past to try and create my future, my future was never clear and ready for the making. I put my baggage in the way and I was never set free. So, there I was, faced with a choice of either identifying with my victim story or remembering my true nature.
So, today I am here to tell you, I remembered my true nature and I want remind you of yours. You are empowered. You do not need to identify with your victim story, no matter how horrible it is. Now, I am not telling you to forget it, excuse it, or pretend it is ok. I am inviting you to acknowledge what part it played in your life and let it stay there. You are powerful on your own and can achieve unlimited possibilities, if you choose to clear your future of your past. This is our true essence and by releasing these stories that do not serve us, we make room for the “real” us to come alive.
So, what do you choose to release? What story do you choose to give up? You are powerful beyond measure and just know that you have the strength to overcome anything. The love and potential is already inside of you, waiting to be ignited and shown to the world.

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