Taking a moment…

Our society has praised and rewarded those who devote their lives to working, to achieving, to gaining. We are told, “time is money,” and the time we do have we should be doing what we can to get more. It’s keeping up with the Jones’. So, what is going to slow us down? Disease? Adrenal gland failure? An unbalanced life?

In the 7 months, I have moved 4 times and mostly living out of my car. I have been working three jobs, holding workshops, and trying to stay healthy and sane. Most months I would work 28 days out of the month and most days 8-12 hours a day. My stress level was drowning me and my immune system was no where to be found. When my friends and co-workers would ask how I was doing, most of my replies were, “I am so stressed because…” While the ending of the sentence would change, the beginning part would stay the same. A very unhealthy pattern was beginning to form.

One day, my friend, and manager, pulled me into the office and asked how I was doing. My reply was the same as it has been since I had started there last September. She looks at me and says, “Jillie, You are a beautiful soul and light. You bring so much to this team and the world around you. And I am saying this as a friend, I have notice that sentence always starts the same and the ending is different. Why is that? Some of us become so attached to a false identity, and although it is not serving us, we don’t know how to change the habit.” All of a sudden, it hit me. I have been this way as long as I can remember and this is not who I wanted to become. It is time to change and lean into the discomfort of something unfamiliar.

Loving yourself comes in many forms, which begins with, but is not limited to, how you talk to yourself, treat yourself, take care of your body, what you eat and put into your body, how you demand others to treat you, going after your dreams, and taking time for yourself.  Unhealthy habits can be found anywhere. I eat healthy, exercise, get adequate amounts of sleep, but when it comes to taking time to do something for me, that is my challenge.

So, this week, where is your opportunity for growth? For the next week, pick an aspect of your life to better develop. To make it easier on you, incorporate something you like to do, as well, something that comes easy to you. For example, I like to help others. For the month of June, I am having a random act of kindness month. But, for every person I do something nice for, I must do one nice thing for myself, as well. How are you going to enhance your life?

Please share and let’s support one another’s journey as we continue on this road together!

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