Shine Your Light

We are all told to shine our light and show the world what we are made of, but how do we do that? So many people tell us we have this light about ourselves, but unless we see it ourselves, how are we supposed to own it and spread it to the rest of the world? During one of the yoga classes I took this week, I was shown a secret to owning our light.

My yoga teacher and friend, Julie, shared with the class several stories using pottery as a metaphor. She learned these stories from workshops and students who were inspired by her sharing.

There was a young man, around 25 who lost his leg to cancer. During the first years of his loss, he was very angry and grieved the fact he would have to learn how to walk again. His therapist had him draw pictures for therapy. Several years later, after he accepted himself for who he was, his therapist and him revisited the pictures he had drawn. There was a vase he had drawn with a large crack down the center. He said to his therapist, “Can I have a crayon, I am not done with this one.” As his therapist gave him a yellow crayon, he began to draw rays of light out of the large crack down the vase. He then explained how this crack, was just an avenue in which his light could shine through. Without it, he would not have been able to shine his light in the way he did now.

The second story she shared with us was about ancient potters in Egypt. If a piece of pottery had too many cracks in it, people would throw it out in the street labeling it broken and useless. However, the peasants would come and collect the pottery that had the most cracks, for it were those that made the best lamps.

Lastly, Julie told us a story of a man who would walk to the river every day to fill his two pots up with water. However, one had a large crack in it and by the time he got home, the one pot was only filled with water halfway. The pot says to his master, “Master, why do you use me? I have a large crack in me and waste the water you need. I am broken. You need a whole pot to help you retrieve the water.” The master replies, “You are not broken. On our way back from the river look around you and see what you give.” So, the next day, they went down to retrieve the water. On the way back, the pot noticed how on one side it was dirt and dead, but on the cracked pot’s side there were beautiful flowers that bloomed. The master had planted seeds and used the cracked pot to water them, so the flowers could bloom and show beauty to the world.

We all view our “cracks” as broken, useless, and bad. These stories show that our cracks allow us to shine our beautiful and unique light through them. The next time you start to judge and label something about yourself as negative, or a situation in your life as negative, try and see it as a gift. And, how can you use this gift to bring light to the world. We are all light, that is our true nature. Believe in the light in you and help encourage others to shine their light to the world, as well.

Peace, Love, Amity,


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