Unsure of what December 21, 2012 would bring, I decided to be prepared for whatever was to happen. I began to do yoga and meditate daily to only allow optimism and peace into my life. I have had the opportunity, through work, to attend different yoga classes throughout my community. I was in the presence of many inspiring teachers pushing me daily to think about the life I am creating. These individuals challenge me to reach new perspectives and look at my self-love  journey in many different ways.

One night at a candlelight yoga class, my yoga teacher, Ron, started us in child’s pose and ended in savasana. This regular routine is something I have done hundreds of times, however, what he said made me think about the poses I enter and how it translates to everyday life. For some this may be old news, but for me it offered a new perspective of living.

Ron said, “We start off in child’s pose and end in savasana. This is symbolic for life as we enter in birth and leave in death. As we practice this in our yoga class, it shows as that each moment there is a birth and death and then a rebirth. This is a cycle that happens each moment and allows us a new start as a moment or decision passes and then next one presents itself.”

His words offered a new way to my life. As New Year’s Resolutions come and go, know that each moment offers a new birth. A brand new chance to start fresh and re-tackle those opportunities we may view as obstacles. Take this as a time to begin to let go of missed opportunities (do not use the word “failure”) and keep pushing on.

Now, connecting this to our journey of self-love, there will be moments where we feel beaten and unworthy. But, do not dwell in these moments. Realize that the next moment offers us a new opportunity to celebrate ourselves and play our “highlight reel.” It is never too late to begin and it is never too late to give ourselves a second, third, fourth, and one hundredth chance to get this right. Pick your head up, hug yourself, and stand strong, because YOU ARE.

We welcome 2013 as a time to grow and prosper! We are beautiful, capable, strong, and full  of potential. Take time today to notice the moments and opportunities of rebirth and may you grant yourself them and say, “I am enough.”

Peace, Love, and Amity,



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